Sunpeaks Ventures Inks Deal with Asian American Convenience Store Association Partners – OTC:SNPK

Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc. (OTC:SNPK) and its fully owned subsidiary Healthcare Distribution Specialists, LLC (HDS) are delighted to declare that HDS has inked a marketing and distribution deal with Asian American Convenience Store Association Partners and Skyrock to distribute and sell Clotamin in 1,200 AACSA member locations, counting convenience stores, pharmacies, and small grocers.

If successful, the parties expect to expand the initial program nationwide up to 10,000 more locations. This accord will continue in effect for three years.

Mackie A. Barch, CEO of Sunpeaks Ventures, stated that this is a milestone deal for the firm and a huge leap ahead for widespread Clotamin availability. Their deal with AACSA/Skyrock can rapidly place Clotamin in potentially thousands of hard-to-reach places across the country.

He further stated that besides the distribution, AACSA will market Clotamin to its members and its sister group of Asian American and Indian physicians. Reaching this extremely fragmented, yet extremely influential group is near impossible without the help of a strong industry partner. By leveraging AACSA/Skyrock’s established associations with its member stores, we should be able to rapidly penetrate this market on a large scale.

Its shares added 1.83% to close at $1.00 with the total traded volume of 17.83 million shares having the average volume of 27.79 million.

Its shares were trading within the range of $0.85-$1.07 while its opening price was $0.97. Its market capitalization is $412.93 million. Its stock price 52 weeks low was $0.28 and 52 weeks high price was $1.07.

Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary Healthcare Distribution Specialists, LLC (“HDS”), is a nationally focused, value-added distributor of specialty drugs and over-the-counter (“OTC”) branded multivitamins to the healthcare provider market.

HDS also owns and markets Clotamin®, a specialized over-the-counter multivitamin product designed exclusively for use by patients also on Warfarin®, a popular blood thinner that has a long list of known adverse drug and food interactions. For additional information, please visit



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