Evergreen Energy Kicks Off Trading On the OTCBB – OTC:EVEI

Evergreen Energy Inc. (OTC:EVEI), at the market commenced trading Thursday, kicked off trading under the ticker “EVEI” or “EVEI.OB” on the OTCBB (Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board).

On December 1, 2011, the company reported that NYSE Arca sent a notice to the company validating that the exchange will stop trading of the company’s common stock on the NYSE Arca previous to the start of business on December 2, 2011.

The company’s common stock will be deregistered from the exchange pending the completion of appropriate procedures to be finished by the NYSE Arca and pending any demand that the company may file.

Stocks doing business on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board may experience more inadequate trading volume and show wider spreads between the bid/ask quotation. Additionally, the company’s common stock would become conditional on the “penny stock” rules, which compel additional customer suitability and disclosure obligations on broker-dealers effecting transactions in common stock. These requirements could unfavorably affect the market price and liquidity of the company’s common stock.

Evergreen Energy Inc. (NYSEARCA:EEE) slipped -35.29% to close at $0.220 with the total traded volume of 4.34 million shares beating the average volume of 0.96 million.

Its shares were trading within the range of $0.22-$0.36 while its opening price was $0.34. Its market capitalization is $6.09 million. Its stock price 52 weeks low was $0.14 and 52 weeks high price was $0.4.98.

Evergreen Energy Inc. offers environmental solutions for energy production and generation industries, primarily through its patented clean coal technology, K-Fuel. K-Fuel significantly improves the performance of low-rank sub-bituminous and brown coals and lignite. The process yields higher efficiency levels, which are variable depending on the type of coal processed, by applying heat and pressure to low-rank coals to reduce moisture. For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.evgenergy.com.


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